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Mockplus is a faster and easier prototyping tool to help you make prototypes by making interactions with simple drag-and-drop and working on a team project easily and effortlessly. Microsoft, Oracle, Simens, IBM, UBI, Huawei and 300+ global colleges are using it, YOU SHOULD TOO!

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Design Resource: 3 Gorgeous APP Prototyping Demo Projects for Download

Mockplus Team 6950 Views

Prototyping demo project is important for new UI and UX designers and product managers to get a deeper understanding of prototype design. Let's learn from these 3 demos.

Prototyping design is an indispensable link in the product producing process. Prototyping makes the whole design process a lot easier for whether mobile UI designers or web designers. The features of the product can vividly be embodied in prototypes. Now I want to introduce to you 3 different prototyping demo projects.

1. Gogobot


Prototype style: Traveling


Introduction: Gogobot is an outstanding prototyping demo projects of most traveling APP prototypes, which contains 28 interactive pages. Based on the medium-fidelity feature and the color absorbing function of Mockplus, Gogobot has reached a high level of reducibility. In addition, a great number of pre-designed components in the 28 pages. Product Managers can learn to use Mockplus by practicing with these components.

Online preview:


2. ShopStyle


Prototype style: Shopping


ShopStyle accurately embodies the overall layout of the shopping prototyping demo projects. This demo project demonstrates what components should you use in a shopping APP prototype. You can learn what interaction shall exists in a shopping APP and which ones of them should be abandoned. Mockplus actually have an limitation for Starters who tend to indulge themselves in using flaring interactions, which makes the tool even better.

Online preview:


3. Hours Keeper

Hours Keeper

Prototype style: Management


In Hours Keeper, it is easy to notice that every thing is in the gray style except the sign up/in page. The scale and aligning is highlighted in such kind of style. To make the tool more friendly for starters, the reference line will automatically generates when aligning. The gray style may be not applaused by the clients but more understandable for designers and developers. Colorless means monotonousness but clearance at the same time. In this respect, HoursKeeper shows how a harmonious prototype should be.

Online preview:


You can’t just build a product only by making up some good ideas, while in most cases, prototyping demo projects are the starting points of a valid product. And it is the core of team collaboration. Making good prototype somehow has become the core competitiveness of new product managers and designers. I believe that these 3 demo projects above have already delivered some inspirations to you. Download Mockplus and try to make your own prototype now!



Mockplus is a desktop-based tool for prototyping mobile, web and desktop apps easily and quickly. Create interactions by simple drag-and-drop and your teamwork will be time-efficient with the collaboration features.

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