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Stay On The Top 13 UX Design Trends for 2023

Dec 27, 2022 40741
According to Finances Online statistics. 80% of internet users are willing to pay extra for a good user experience. The good user experience here we're talking about not only means a quick loading time, a user-friendly user experience, prompt responses and the like things that meet users' needs, but also includes something else which can help to engage users and offer users a more interesting, delightful and immersive experience.

So, to help you create a good UX that actually converts first-come users into loyal customers, here we've rounded up all the top UX design trends that you should follow to stand out your products and brands for 2023 and even beyond, and also a good UX design tool can help you create a better UX together.

Let's dive into the details now!

1. VR/AR experience 

Since Facebook announced to create a Metaverse world for users in 2021, website and mobile app projects with the AR (Augumented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and XR (extended reality) experience are more likely to capture users' attention and retain users for a much longer time to click around to see what's going on there.

These advanced VR and AR technologies will be actually evolved for 2023, and perhaps will no longer only be used as a bait or gimmick to hook users as before, but is taking as a new way for designers and teams to actually improve or even evolution the user experience by offering an easy-to-understand and intuitive AR-based or VR-based training, virtual events sharing or storytelling experience, etc.
Immersive web VR experience from General Mills Fillows

This immersive web VR experience from General Mills Fillows allows shoppers to interact with the packaging. The product packaging is no longer an inanimate object.
And the ecommerce website or mobile app design industry will surely become the forefront of this UX design trend.

2. Voice and air gesture interactions

Creating a much simpler user experience is one of the most important principles that UX designers around the world always follow. Voice interactions and air gesture controls help users save a lot of traditional operations, and have become two of the most popular and effective methods for designers to make their products, services and designs simpler. This design trend will also hold its ground for 2023.
Voice interaction design example

This Train Ticket Booking app allows users to search the travel destinations by voice. The 3D seats and images, and rich micro UI animations also create an immersive experience for all users who enters the app. 

What's more, when designing the voice and touchless gesture interactions for your project, you may also incorporate the increasingly mature AI technologies to create AI-powered voice assistances or chatbots, like Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.
Al-powered chatbot design

An AI-powered chatbot will not only effectively stand out your voice and touchless gesture interaction, and also provide a much more intelligent, user-friendly and appealing experience. 

3. Inclusive design and experience

Every website or mobile app targets at least two or more user groups. To meet the needs of all target user groups and let them have a personalized, comfortable and safe experience on your website or mobile app, creating inclusive design and experience has become the best solution for UX designers around the world to hook and retain as many first-come visitors as possible.
Inclusive experience design example
This user guide page from Dropbox uses a split-screen layout design to offer different guidelines to onboard the Admin and common users. Clicking on the different CTA buttons surely guides them to different onboarding workflows. 

The inclusive design that requires designers to craft different functionalities user journeys and other UX details based on a wide range of human factors such as race, social cultural background, gender, age, language, disabilities, is also a hot design trend among designers and will also go on growing in 2023.

4. Anthropomorohic design

Anthropomorphic design, simply put, is a way to give your interfaces, brand or even other design details human-like traits, such as human-like faces, impressions, emotions, shape, speaking voice and tones, etc. These traits bring your design to life, making visitors feel that they are communicating or interacting with a human, not an emotionless machine or object. This design trend will also be more popular in 2023.

For example, more websites use cute emojis to give users instant visual feedback for what they've done as below:
Emoji feedback

Or you may directly try to give the image or object of your interface a human impression to impress users like this:
Human impressions

To let users fully understand the harm of junk food to people's health, this evil food website directly gives the presented junk food a horrible human-like impression to intuitively show how bad junk food is. 

5. Super apps keep rising

Compared to the traditional single-use app or website that serves only one purpose, super apps offer an all-in-one solution trying to meet nearly all possible needs of users in one place. Many renowned social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and the like forths slowly transfer into super apps by providing users with more features to do nearly everything from chatting to buying. So, users can just log in, chat, shop and even entertain themselves without switching between different tools.
This fact makes the super app more popular than before and pushes more designers to try super app design. So, we'll surely see more super app design in the coming days of 2023.
Super app like Aplipay

Like the Alipay iOS app is such a super app, gathering nearly all possible services that you may need in daily life, such as movie booking, car-hailing, hotel booking, banking, and others. 

6. Neumorphic design

Neumorphic design mimicks the real world from a different perspective, giving your interface designs a soft and plastic look. It gains its popularity thanks to its completely different aesthetic touch, and will surely continue to grow in 2023.
Neumorphic design example


7. Interesting cursor interactions

Cursor interactions refer to a kind of visual feedback when users move the cursor on the interface, such as hovering over a button, leaving a button or even pressing a button. This type of small movements sometimes gives users a hint to click a CTA button, and also creates an interesting and immersive experience for users.
In the coming days, you may also try to add more interesting and fun cursor interactions to guide and also engage users.
Interesting cursor interactions


8. Data visualization

Nowadays, more and more websites and mobile apps incorporate data to convey the brand and product messages, requiring UX designers to explore more effective and intuitive ways to present data for offering a better user experience. The trend to explore better data visualization ways will also continue to go on in 2023.
To create a data visualization design that actually gets users, you should try the following:

  • Choose the right type of charts, like pie, column, bar and radar charts; 
  • Use strong color contrast to stand out the most important data;
  • Add proper interactions to allow users to quickly find and check the data they want. 
3D Data visualization

This 3D architectural style data visualization design that helps to present different data of the city is pretty cool. 

9. Use fun videos or gifs to introduce products

In recent years, to better educate users as simply and quickly as possible, when designing a landing page or a product page, more UX designers choose to use intuitive short videos or gifs to directly introduce what they want to deliver. In company with proper text introduction, even a completely new beginner or first-come user can clearly know the main features, brand concept and the like information that a website wants to convey.

This effective way to convey brand and product messages will also be an important UX design trend in 2023.
Use auto-playing video to introduce products

This Loom video content for marketing uses auto-playing videos on its landing page to briefly introduce its main features. 

10. Dark and light mode switching 

The dark mode presents interface content with softer light, effectively reducing the eye strain of users. Well, the dark mode does not always help to reduce eye-strain. Well, when users are in a much brighter light environment, like being outside at a shiny day, reading the content under the dark mode for a long time surely increases eye fatigue.
Light and dark modes

At this moment, whether your website or app has a feature that allows users to freely switch between the dark and light modes helps to stand out your website and app from others.

And this need for designing a much better mode switching feature is also going to continue in 2023.

11. New ways of using illustrations

Illustrations are popular for years in UX design. Well, the way of using or adding illustrations to engage users and improve their experience on a website or mobile app is changing every year. In 2023, you will surely see more 3D illustrations, live artistic illustrations and some mixing designs of illustrations and real pictures.
3D illustrations used in web UI

3D illustrations are more common to be seen in web and app UI designs. 
Mix of illustrations and real pictures

Some designers also mix illustrations and real pictures to create a completely new type of design to attract users. 

12. Emphasis more on content, not just photography

Here we are not talking about using incorrect words or visual hierarchy design to cram all product or brand messages to users as long as they enter a website or mobile app. We mean to spend more time in honing the words themselves.

In other words, when designing a copy for a button, title or interaction, you may craft several drafts with different tones and styles, like being humorous, serious, or anthropomorphic, and then, test with the real users to see which one of them works the best to hook users.
Use not so serious tone to present the About us page

This online shopping website uses not so serious tone to present the About us page, helping to show you why and how you may take your time on the content, not just the visuals.
While designing the interface content, also combine the background cultures, hot topics and stories to catch users' eyes at the first sight as well as add interest to your design.

And this article talking about 7 microcopy writing secrets can help you save a lot of time on your interface content.

13. Hot remote collaboration tools for designers and devs

With more designers, developers and teams having to partially or fully work at home since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world in 2021, remote collaboration spikes much higher than ever before. This makes some remote collaboration tools to be the must-have tools for designers, developers and teams to work together online.
Here are some good ones that can keep your remote team connected and productive:

  • Slack - an online communication workspace that allows you and your teams to communicate via live chats, videos, messages and images. With Slack, you can easily create multiple channels to keep connected with different departments of your company. 

  • Zoom - a video-conferencing tool that allows you and your team to directly discuss or communicate ideas via live videos. It is a nice tool that can help you remove many communication problems when you get a good network connection. 

  • Mockplus - a web-based design collaboration platform that allows your entire team to design, prototype, collaborate and even hand off web or app designs in one shareable place. A single link is all you need to invite members, share projects and collect feedback, and hand off all deliverables to developers. 
Collaborate remotely in Mockplus

  • Asana - an online project management tool that allows you to divide projects into tasks, track and manage them all in a breeze. All tasks can also have notes, attachments, tags and comments for better communication. 


There are far more UX design trends that are popular for years and will also continue to 2023, like the 3D effects, a bit geeky brutalist website design, classic retro design, minimalistic design, storytelling design and so on. We do hope all these UX design trends will give you some helpful clues to stand out your brand and product in the coming days of 2023 and beyond.
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