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From Rookie to Master, There Are Only Three Questions

Mockplus Team 16575 Views

How to become a qualified UX designer, how to change from rookie to design master. Every day countless designers are thinking about the same problem. To do everything well, you have to answer these three questions: What to do? How to do it? What shall we use?

1. What to do?

Since you are a UX designer, first of all, you need to know what is UX, the difference between UX and other positions.

The Difference Between UX and UI Design-A Layman’s Guide

This article tells you the difference between UX and UI. The author not only points out the difference, but also makes a further comparison (including salary).

UX vs UI vs IA vs IxD : 4 Confusing Digital Design Terms Defined

If your question is not just about UX and UI, you also don't understand IA and IxD, then Becky's article will definitely help you. Here you can find explanations the meaning of UX, UI, IA, IxD. What's more, for the different content of the work Becky recommend a number of simple and useful tools. Reading this article can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

2. How to do?

So, now you have a generally understanding of UX. Next, you need to know this: Details determine success or failure of a design.

When to Use a Switch or Checkbox

Switch or Checkbox? Functionally, they seem to be the same. However, there is a such a big difference between them. For example:

A simple choice here might be seemed harmless, but in fact, this simple choice somehow decides the usability and user experience of your design. Want to know more about Switch and Checkbox? Let's check this out.

How to Design a Walkthrough That Users Will Read

While the news is all over your users' phone, do you have any idea of how to attract more readers? This problem must have confused many designers. Anthony here has a solution, you may be interested in this.

Mood Boards In UX Design: Ignite Passion In Your Users

Designing is all about creativity, a mood board is absolutely one way of creation. Ignite your users' passion with this fascinating function.

3. What shall we use

A. Chooes a tool

After we know the method, don't just rush into the process. Why? Because a man must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well. Finding a right tool for you could improve your working efficiency to a higher level.

As a UX designer, the tool we mostly used could be the prototyping tools. Here I collect some article that mentioned prototyping tools, let's have a look, there must be something right for you!

10 Prototyping Tools Recommended For UI/UX Designers

There's a recommendation of 10 tools. What's more, in this article, these tools have been classified into 3 levels according to the degree of difficulty. Sounds useful, right? And of course, the author has tested these 10 tools personally, which one is his favourite? Is that one also best for you?

Top 5 Desktop & Website Based Prototyping Tools

If you still have no idea about which to choose, try these top 5 tools, excellent choices for newbies.

B. Collect the materials

If you want to design all by yourself, that would be really difficult. Wren you're wondering how to make some improvements, check out these articles, you might find your inspiration here.

7 Ways to Get Vector Icons For UX/UI Design

Vector icon is one kind of the most popular icons in design, especially for prototyping design. So, where to find them? Mark gives you 7 ways to get vector icons.

12+ Free UI Kits & UX Design Resources Collection

In China, there's an old saying: draw a tiger with a cat as a model. It means Copy sth. without catching its spirit. But, what if your model is a "tiger"? I think it is a must that you can draw a tiger. 12 free UI Kit collections send the "tigers" models to you.

The Best UI/UX Design Books & Resources for Designers

After all these things are articles on the Internet, you may say:"I like books. I don't like these stuff." Well, don't worry. Here comes the list of best UI/UX design books. This should meet your requirements.

C. Test your prototypes

OK, now you have finished your design. What's next? Allow me to tell you the next step. It is the time to test your prototypes.

How to Test the Usability of Your Prototypes on Mobile and Desktop Devices?

Lots of software have the clients of desktop and mobile. What if I want to test my prototype on both of them? Berry here introduces every step here in details. You really should read this.

Mockplus Rapid Prototyping Tutorial - Test Your Prototype in 8 Different Ways

Mockplus is sort of a rising star in the field of prototyping tools. It has the most comprehensive ways to test your prototype. 8 ways to test a prototype, there will be a right one for you.

So, how about now? Any new thoughts? I hope these resources could help you to make better UX designs.



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