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Blog > Blog > 5 Tips to Be an UI/UX Expert

5 Tips to Be an UI/UX Expert


Introduction: It’s amazing that the commuting times actually bring me inspiration to write. I decided to write an article which takes the bus as an example. Ding ding ding, It’s this article, 5 Tips to be a perfect UI/UX expert.

With the rapid development of the Internet, UI/UX design is destined to be popular. Because of low threshold and high salary, so many people fall in the design industry's feet. These UI/UX designers are very confused when they get into this industry. How can I stand out in this industry? At first, you can set a little goal for yourself, becoming an UI/UX expert in 2017.

ui ux design skills

UI/UX Basic Skills

Many young people try their best to catch the early bus to be an UI/UX expert, but few of them succeed. What’s the reason of it? They don’t get a ticket. If you want to catch UI/UX expert this bus, you have to master the following job skills.

UI Essential Skills

1. Have a certain aesthetic ability.

2. Interactive design.

3. Animation design.

4. Optimization design.

5. Meet the visual needs of users.

UX Essential Skills

1. Demand analysis.

2. Interactive design.

3. Interface design.

4. Understand the psychological of users.

5. Be good at a prototyping tool, such as Axure and Mockplus.

user friendliness and communication

Focus on User Friendliness

What is user friendliness? The passengers found that they can’t swipe IC card and don’t have any change when they get on the bus. The bus makes them feel inconvenient. This owns to it can’t swipe IC card and meet the needs of passengers. It’s a bad user experience production. What’s the connection between user friendliness and UI/UX expert? Experienced designers all know that a qualified design must focus on user friendliness.

Be Good at Communication

It’s said that communication is a bridge between people, a good design must be communicated repeatedly. Thus, an UI/UX expert must be good at communication. Take crowding bus as an example again, passengers are dissatisfied with that the bus can’t swipe IC card, what should bus driver does? Similarly, if the developers or product managers do not understand your design, what should you do? Draw a circle to curse them? Wake up! It will not solve the problem. You should communicate with them and explain the design idea positively, a design which is communicated will tend to be perfect.

Keep a Curiosity

A wise man will always maintain a curiosity, a good UI/UX expert is also supposed to do this. Curiosity not only brings you continuous design inspiration, also makes you adhere to design. It is like the blood flowing in your design. If it doesn’t run some day, your design inspiration will dry up.


Don’t believe any crash courses, it’s non-nutritious. The design is an industry which needs precipitation. You can’t realize the goal of becoming UI/UX expert in a short time, you have to focus on precipitation in this industry for several years. You will find that what you get is not just a design expert's title, but more valuable is the experience and skills.

Instead of experiencing the process of crowding bus, the article aims at making you understand a truth. The little things often hide a lot of truth. For example, the case of crowding bus let you understand a truth. If you want to become an UI/UX expert, there are no shortcuts. Work steadily is the only way to succeed!

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