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How to Find UX Designer Jobs? Best UX Jobs Boards and Tips for You

Mockplus Team 33156 Views

How to get a UX designer job? Best UX job boards and sources in user experience design. Moreover, there are practical tips to help you get a UX job.

According to reports from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the User Experience Design field shows exceptional promise and job growth. User Experience Designers are currently in one of the hottest in-demand professions. What does being a UX designer entail in 2018? Some information on this topic can be found below.

UX designer salary norm

The demand for UX Design has continued to increase in 2018. Along with this trend has come higher salaries. The Creative Group 2018 Salary Guide shows the midpoint salary benchmark for UX designers to be $93,000, making it one of the highest-paid jobs in the creative and marketing field, along with front-end web developer, user experience researcher, copywriter, etc.

UX designer salary norm

UX designer future prospect

As one of the most in-demand creative industry jobs right now, User Experience Designer is already demonstrating its potential. Moreover, with the boom of mobile and web development, the integration of design and technology, and the involvement of business in design, UX design will continue to be a promising job option. Since 2010, demand for UX Designer Jobs has increased consistently.

UX designer future prospect

Where can you find UX designer jobs?

As illustrated above, UX Design is an excellent choice to set as your professional goal. But how can you get a UX Designer job? Where should you go to find reliable sources of UX jobs? How should you prepare to increase the chance getting hired?

Finding UX design industry job postings can be confusing. Here are some places and resources for you to start your search.

1. Indeed

There are 6915 UX Designer jobs available on Indeed, including User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, Product Designer and more. New York, NY and Seattle. There are nearly 870 UX jobs in NY and 514 UX jobs from great tech companies in Seattle return the most job results. Most UX jobs in Seattle offer a salary around at $120,000.

2. Glassdoor

Here, you can not only search User Experience Designer jobs but also find company ratings & salaries. There are 12107 open jobs on Glassdoor.

3. UX Magazine Jobs 

UX Magazine is a free community resource exploring all facets of user experience design. In UX magazine job board, you can search a UX designer job or post a job for free.

4. UX Design Jobs

UX Design Jobs is your one-stop source for the latest and greatest user experience jobs from top User Experience job sites from all over the net.


5. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is the leading job board for designers, hackers, and creative pros. Since 2005, it has connected thousands of creative professionals with great companies and outstanding work opportunities. It also offers jobs for developers.

6. UX Jobs Board 

Here you can browse the latest UX jobs & create your UX profile to connect with the best companies. Also, you can join a community of 7,000+ UX professionals effortlessly. World-class organisations post their jobs on UX Jobs Board, including Harvard, Sony, Yahoo, BBC, Intel, as well as many other smaller or start-up companies.

7. Coroflot

Coroflot helps creative professionals gain exposure and make connections to jobs and opportunities with design-driven companies. The syndicated content is powered by FeedBurner, which makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo. UX jobs are posted on the current feed content section.

8. The Just UX Job - UX jobs in the US and Canada

This job board was created to bring together the world's best user experience jobs. You can be sure of knowing about almost all possible User Experience employment opportunities here. This is a one-stop-shop for user experience jobs that recognises that currently, if you are in London your online UX job sources will be different than if you are based in San Francisco.


9. Careers24 - UX Jobs in Johannesburg

Known as one of the leading job portals in South Africa, Careers24 provides all UX Designer Jobs in Johannesburg, and it also brings two groups of people together - the job seeker and the recruiter. You can search for any jobs in Johannesburg in the UX Designer industry.

10. Prospects - UX designer jobs at entry level

Prospects are the experts in graduate careers. Prospects helps to guide students and graduates to a bright future with unrivalled information, advice and opportunities.

11. Job Street - UX designer jobs in Singapore

New user experience designer Jobs in Singapore are available now on JobStreet. It has quality candidates, quality employers, and 63138 vacancies.

12. Nijobs - UX designer jobs in Northern Ireland

Nijobs is a leading recruitment website for UX Designer in Northern Ireland, listing thousands of jobs from employers and recruitment agencies throughout NI.

13. Workopolis - UX designer jobs in Vancouver

You can browse 903 Canadian UX designer job listings from companies with openings that are hiring right now on Workopolis. You can quickly find and apply for your next job opportunity. Compare salaries and apply for all the UX designer jobs available in Canada here.


14. Monster - UX designer jobs in Atlanta

If you are looking for a job in Atlanta, just search for user experience designer jobs at Monster. It has a collection of user experience designer job listings, including openings for full time and part time employment.

15. Simplyhired - User Experience Designer jobs in New York, NY

There are 1483 user experience designer jobs available in New York, NY. You can see salaries and compare reviews here. What’s more, it’s easy to apply and get hired. New user experience designer careers in New York, NY are added daily on

16. Dribble

As a self-promotion and networking platform for UX design, web design, etc, Dribble is one of the best places for showcasing designer’s work. You can find your dream user experience design job on Dribbble’s job board, and get the best resource for discovering and connecting with other designers.

17. Remotive - Remote UX jobs

Remotive helps 25000+ remote workers by sending tips, listing hundreds of remote job offers and gathering remote workers inside their private community. If you want to find a remote UX job, I suggest you start your search at Remotive.

18. Angel - UX designer jobs at startup

There are 24,730 of the world's best startups hiring on AngelList. It’s a wise choice to start you career at a startup as a UX designer, you will learn a lot.

19. UX designer jobs in social media

Social media brings designers from all around the world together. You can share your design work, communicate with others, and even find a UX job as many recruiters post jobs on the social media.


1) UX jobs on Twitter - Find trending user experience job from around the world.

2) UX jobs in Facebook group

ui/ux & graphic design jobs is a Facebook group focusing solely on design work.It currently has11,263 members.

UX Jobs - 9540 members gather together to post and find UX jobs.

3) Find your UX job on Linkedin

Linkedin Job Search

4575 user experience designer jobs in the United States. Leverage your professional network and get hired. New User Experience Designer jobs added daily.

User Experience (UX) Design

This is a place for UX Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Usability Specialists and other professionals to share links, discussions and job opportunities.

User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) / Interaction Design (IxD) / IA / Discussions /Jobs

You may join this group to share views, ideas events & Jobs.

20. Freelancer UX designer job

In comparison to the traditional full-time UX job, freelance UX jobs can provide a more balanced free life and working style. So, where do freelance UX designers actually work?

Emsi did a research of over 65 million online profiles. 238,000 UI/UX designers named over 129,000 companies for this question. The report showed that UX designers work for big firms including Microsoft, Apple, International Business Machines Corporation, and Google. However, the most popular way to work as a UI/UX designer is through self-employment or freelancing.

If you like the idea of being your own boss and you’re visually wired with a penchant for understanding what customers want, you might consider setting up shop as a self-employed designer.

But becoming a freelance UX designer is not easy. Here is some info you may need.

4 Facts You Should Know Before Becoming a Freelance UX Designer

16 Sites to Get Web Design Freelance Jobs

How should you prepare to increase the chance getting hired?

Above are the resources you need to find a UX job. But this is only the first step to begin a career as a UX designer. To increase the chance of getting hired, here are few tips for you.

1) Make sure you maintain your UX skills

The ability to create product prototypes is a must for UX designers. The key is to master a few tools like Mockplus - the smart prototyping tool, or Sketch - to create great UI.

  • UX writing

The ability to write is your necessary to help communicate your design thoughts.

  • Interaction design

Interaction design can help explain how a product works. You can use Mockplus to build your interactive prototypes in under 5 minutes.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration requires superb communication, time-management and process-management skills.

It’s necessary to conduct usability testing to make sure the product works right.

  • Develop personas and usage scenarios

You need to understand user and user needs well in order to succeed as a UX designer.

You should have the ability to consult with clients to understand their goals and explaining research results.

2) Internship - UX designer at entry level

Before landing your first job as UX designer, an internship may be helpful. This will help you to finger out what you really like and what jobs are best suited to your skills. all the while, building your own work experience.

3) Resume

a resume is a key to getting the hiring manager to call you. Unfortunately, the resume rejection rate may be as high as 85%. The better your resume is, the higher the chance you can get a UX job. Here are 5 secrets to designing an excellent UX designer resume and get hired for you.


4) Interview

Job interview is a serious thing, and you really need to treat it seriously. Google the questions and prepare for them. Here are some typical questions you need to know.

10 Essential UI/UX Design Questions for Interview

12 UX Designer Interview Questions to Help You Pass the Interview

5) Portfolio

your portfolio is the best way to relay your design skills and experience. You need to make it as impressive as possible. Check the 20 best examples of portfolio design websites and create your own. Also, you can learn from the 10 Best UX Designer Portfolio Examples. Having an online portfolio with your own personal website is an optional way to present your skills.

6) Learn the business of design

Designers will be involved in strategic decisions early on. It’s a must that UX designers need to understand business in future, especially when more and more designers are updating their titles to Product Designers. Product Designers focus more on product strategy and business.

7) The difference between entry-level and senior UX designers

Determining where your skills fit into the UX design world may involve choosing between a big company and a small company; both of which have their own pros and cons. Generally, entry-level UX designers may have a better chance of getting hired at a small company than a large one. This is fine as long as you can learn and make progress. As for those with advanced experience, have a try at the famous firms. You may find more opportunities there. Regardless of size, the key is to find a UX job that suits you.

More resources of UX designer jobs:



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